What we see in Estate Sales across the United States is the lack of accountable on the company's part to protect you and your loved ones. You hire a company and trust them to sell all your belongings. You trust them to disclose what they found in that hiding drawer. Well, most don't! The only way you can have some peace of mind is by requestion photos or if you can take your own. After setup with the Estate sale company, ask for a walk through and take pictures of everything if you can't, have them send all rooms and all walls' photos of each area. 

We take all room photos and send them to you before the sale. This provides you with accountability of what items are for sale. This is your protection! This should provide you with at least some photos of the larger items being offered. 


We have seen several Estate Sale companies take home several valuable items for FREE! You forget about that unique painting you parents had and it's not on the sold list from the company. Where did it go? This may not stop them from taking things, but it will help you to realize what kind of company you dealt with and maybe you can help the next homeowner not get taken.