VALUE PRICE         $$$$$$$

In our experience the prices listed on items is very important. You can't ask for retail. People go to Estate sale to find those bargains. 

Some Estate sales companies own their own retail stores so what doesn't sell they take and sell at their store after you made nothing. They don't want the item to sell they want to offer you very little money at the end of the sale so they can take it to their store. For example, I have seen a set of end tables at one sale for $50.00 and the same set at another sale for $250.00. This is where you know that the $250 did not sale so you got nothing, but the Estate sale company took them to their store and sold them for $125.00. The overpriced tables were listed that way for a reason, they did not want them to sell. 

You need to make the decision do you want to move the inventory or keep it? 

You have the right to list any item at your price as a minimum just let the estate sale company know. But remember if it doesn't sell you will have to sell it yourself or sell it to a clean out company for very little!

With our photos prior to the sale and photos after the sale you will know what sold and what didn't we also list what it sold for so again this is for your protection from those items not walking out the door. 


We offer several options for your sale. 

Option 1.  3-day sale this is our basic option where we come in the week prior and set up your sale. The sale will run Friday Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. 

Option 2. We take your sale to the next level where we spend the first week listed your large items online. By listing your large items, we have found the price point for your sale is much higher. In some cases, we have sold items for several hundred dollars more as the reach of customers for a specific item is listed online. In person estate sales have a smaller customer base than online. We set up for pick-up of items during the week prior to the listed in person sale.  After the week is up on the following Friday, we have the estate sale in person.